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The Marketer’s Hub


The independent yellow pages for Marketers!


Projects: Find and connect with crypto marketers and influencers to advertise your coin or token to a broader audience. Find marketers that fit your needs, style, and project culture.

Marketers, Educators, and Influencers: Build your own profile and gain massive exposure, expand your subscriber base, and land new marketing opportunities. This is a free resource, maximize its potential!

About Guardian

Head over to our About Guardian Platform page to learn more about the Guardian Platform as we strive to create the best user platform in crypto.  Learn more about the collaborative partnerships we are building to provide you with outstanding tools, news, data, and resources.  While you’re there definitely check out our Merch Shop!


On our About Guardian Token page you can learn more about the token and tokenomics, access links to purchase the token, and see the links to our KYC, Locked LP, and Contract Audit.